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I find it completely ridiculous that Beachbody, LLC ( is BBB Accredited and has an A+ rating. They are scammers. Their website places orders without actually hitting a "place order" button.

There has been over 500 complaints filed with the BBB in the last 3 years and the Better Business Bureau considers that an A+ rating?!?

How much does Beachbody pay for that? They surely haven't earned it.

I didn't know the Better Business Bureau charges businesses. Their website says - BBB is the preeminent resource to turn to for objective, unbiased information on businesses and charities. How is it unbiased if the businesses pay for it?

Their website also says - BBB sets and upholds high standards for ethical marketplace behavior. BBB accreditation is a coveted honor earned by elite businesses and charities. is FAR from ethical yet they get an A+ rating.

The Better Business Bureau lost my trust!

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OK...lets say you have this that gets 500 complaints about unfair or unethical practices. Then you have another company in the area that and they have 501 complaints filed against them. The gets an A+ rating because....and ONLY because of the like business have more complaints then they do.

You know who pays for the BBB....THE BUSINESS'S THEMSELVES...Not sure why people always say that they are going to call the BBB about Walmart or some Mom and Pop store down the street. It really does not do a *** thing...

If you want to get the word out you would be better to make a video and post it to youtube...would do a *** of a lot more good than going to a system that is so convoluted not even the people that work they can explain how it works......Unless you fill out the proper forms of course.

Hope that answers your question or at least helps a little.

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