I have been out of town recently in Phoenix Arizona and ran into a problem with my vehicle. I myself am in the warranty & insurance industry and understand "procedures".

Being in the industry I also understand that sometimes there are certain measures that must be taken in an effort to resolve and ultimately satisfy the consumer. In this case I was scheduled to leave town and needed to have my claim expedited for approval. I know that not every company may operate the same, but this was a situation where I really needed my vehicle. The repair shop was waiting on approval from First Extended which claims that their procedure is a 24 hr review period (minimum).I asked the young man (Kevin) to present this case or claim to his supervisor so that he could expedite and or relay the information to the Authorizations Department.

We do this all the time in my company. Instead, Kevin said to me verbatim "all he could do is change the status of the claim". I had to accept that. I then asked Kevin to explain the process to me a bit in detail so that I could understand how it works.

Not only because I am in the same field, but because this was my first experience with the company and so that I can be better prepared for future claims. Kevin was not helpful at all, I was very disappointed in what he told me "I have other customers who are waiting & I don't have time to keep telling you the same thing over and over". Being in a service background, such comments are unacceptable. I just wanted help.

I wasn't irate, I wasn't unreasonable. He then hung up on me while I trying to say something. I called back and spoke to female (who I did not catch her name) and she did see the trail of information on this file. I explained my situation to her and asked her to help me.

At that point I was accepting the fact that I may have not gotten my vehicle in time to leave town back home. After she and finished speaking which ended in me having to wait, she called me right back in about 1 minute and said "your claim has been approved". I had to go through so much trouble to even have someone extend assistance.

Outside the box thinking is what this company needs and they need to have more urgency on certain matters.

-Mando Phoenix, AZ

Monetary Loss: $500.

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