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Some guy didn’t understand why the BBB protects companies, corporations, etc. IT’S SIMPLE.

They pay the BBB. Businesses that are “accredited” by the BBB PAY for that status. And they do everything they can to protect the cash rolling in.

I tried to find my local Target Department Store in their local database. It was there.

But when I selected it, the only listing was for the ‘LensCrafters’ businesses inside their store.

No way to directly complain about that Target itself, even though BBB has all their info in the database.

So I called the local BBB to ask why. Well, it’s very simple. TARGET PAYS THEM to keep at least some (if not all, I could see listings for other regional Target stores on the website, but they may all have been just like the one for my local Target; I could complain about one company within that Target, but not Target themselves.

So the deal is allegedly this, per the local BBB CSR.

Target corporate Headquarters doesn’t want the BBB to take any complaints about various local Target Stores (he didn’t say if it was ALL of them & I was too shocked to ask.

You see, it would be too expensive for each local Target store to actually deal with complaints made TO THE BBB.

Think about that for a minute. First of all, dealing with complaints & concerns is at the heart of doing business.

And dealing with local issues locally is typically ideal, unless of course one has corrupt local management.

But nothing stops regional or national management from being corrupt either, does it?

Target already sucks.

They refused to provide me with an e-mail address of someone high up. I want a paper trail, they don’t. I didn’t even see any way or having one’s “Chat” with a Target Rep emailed to one’s-self the way other customers will allow one to to. That way, they’ve got a RECORD of what was communicated.

Looks like maybe Target isn’t into complaints, let alone paper and/or electronic trails of such complaints.

The BBB is no different.

They’ve confirmed many times they’re absolutely corrupt. “Arbitrating” in favor of paying customers? I’m sorry, but we all know that like certain other types of business, independent contractors are notoriously corrupt.

The particulars of their business model facilitate corruption. Those public agencies that should be providing oversight etc.

often take advantage of that & join in the party.

And as long as the BBB gets their annual payoff.......

Let me tell you, when an organization like the BBB & its representatives are spinning sob stories on behalf of the the likes of Target, you know they’re corrupt.

They’re also following Target’s ORDERS, which cinches the corruption.

You see, TARGET INC. (or whatever their official name is) doesn’t want consumers to be able to file complaints with their local BBB’s about (at least some of) their local Target stores.

That’s what the BBB rep told me when I asked why I couldn’t DIRECTLY file a complaint online with the BBB about my local Target store.

Now, maybe I can still do it the old school way. By typing in a bunch of data about the local Target that the BBB already has on file, like the address.

The BBB may not have their phone #, but I can SEE they have the address for the Target store. It’s listed there.

Only I don’t get to complain about the Target Store itself.

Just the LensCrafters that’s apparently inside the store (I never noticed it, there’s a lot of crap in that store).

Who knows, maybe there’s no LensCrafters there at all! And the BBB is using a fake address for the Target to get customers like me to copy the fake address.

Then, the BBB would automatically get to reject my complaint about the Target store! After all, who would trust a complaint that came with an incorrect address?

Wouldn’t that be something?

Honestly, one never knows.

The thought just occurred to me that, you know, the BBB MIGHT just happen to have an erroneous address for that Target Store in their database.

HOW CONVENIENT would that be? Soooo convenient.

So the BBB follows Target’s orders!

Target Inc.

says “no complaints about local stores to local BBBs & they do their best to comply by refusing to easily take complaints using their drop down system.

I can’t type in the Target store & location, have it pop up & then just file a complaint with my local BBB.

I can allegedly directly file a complaint, though against the LensCrafters that’s apparently inside that same Target store, but who knows?

I honestly didn’t even try.

But like I said, maybe I can fill in all the data myself & make a complaint with the local BBB about the local Target.

But we all know how it works.

Once one puts up a wall, people tend to step away.

Who wants to type it in manually?

The address is allegedly right there, apparently attached to LensCrafters (unless it’s really NOT the same address); I’m feeling a little suspicious about this now.

And who wants to look up the phone #?

Obviously, this BBB doesn’t want to take complaints for this Target. So why even bother?

They’re obviously either making it rough on purpose, for a reason OR they’re incompetent. Or both.

That’s the type of thing people say to themselves.

How many times has UPS delivered ALL the packages for my building to the building next door instead?

Nobody next door apparently cares enough to put up a sign telling UPS that they keep delivering packages to the wrong building. And if they do, maybe they’re super doesn’t care & rips them down.

I can’t even find a street # for the building next door; obviously the tenants, and/or management and/or the owner doesn’t care either.

The city doesn’t care; even thought I though houses, apartment buildings & even businesses had to have prominent identification for emergencies, law enforcement, etc.

So one calls UPS for the zillionth time. As usual, they lie & claim that a “manager” will call aggrevied customers back within an hour.

An hour? How many hours are in the years people in this building have been waiting for call-backs.

They just LIE to get rid of you. To get you to hang up.

They don’t give one crap.

And they figure if someone really does care on this end, they’d find a way to let the UPS guy more easily know the correct building address(es).

They’re right. Nobody does care enough to do anything serious about it. They just complain when something gets lost/stolen in this endless shuffle.

The BBB doesn’t care about consumers; the follow Target’s orders. If somebody filled in the local Target info against their wishes, they might just trash the complaint anyway.

I mean, obviously, I didn’t follow protocol. They’re obviously a REASON that Target & various other businesses of all sizes, ain’t in their drop-down menu.

It’s not a secret the BBB doesn’t want your complaint about these companies. It’s plain to see.

It was clear that Target Inc. wanted complaints about my local Target (& others, possibly even ALL of them, nationwide) to go to Target HQ.

Which is potentially is in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I couldn’t even tell for sure if complaints could/would go to the BBB in Minneapolis first, or directly to Target HQ itself.

Why not cut out the “middleman” entirely?

Target Inc is SO DEVOTED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE that Corporate HQ they handle all complaints themselves! Though allegedly it’s cheaper that way.

Probably too many local stores people we’re giving out little perks for bad service LOL . Gotta put an end to that!

Looks like corporate central isn’t too into e-mail though.

I can “call” & get no paper trail and/or record of my call (unless it’s legal for one party to unilaterally record a phone conversation without the permission of the other. Depends on the state(s)?

Not sure about interstate, though, the feds may have jurisdiction over the rules governing that.

Though notice that when we call businesses, we often hear that automatic notification that “this call may be recorded....”

I’m not sure I’ve ever been given the choice of “opting out” of a recording, though I’ve honestly never asked. Not that the recordings have ever personally done me any good so far.....

And like I said, I didn’t see an option for Target ‘Chat’ Services to send me a copy if the transcript of their chat.

So forget it.

The BBB is a joke. Based on my experience today & what I subsequent read, it seems the case is pretty clear.

Seems as if BBB may gets as many complaints for their poor service as they field about others.

Kinda like Yelp. Though Yelp doesn’t actually advertise themselves as a force or greater good in society.

They make money selling ads & your data.

And if you’re part of an organization that’s too clueless to know about the National “Do Not Call List” & can’t think to do an internet search on how to get some business (like Yelp) to stop calling you, well I guess the BBB can do you the amazing service of informing you about the that “Do Not Call List.”

Unless, of course, the business you want relief from is paying off the BBB.....

Good luck.

I’d advise staying away from many big business (like Target) & “non-profits” (like the BBB).

There’s almost always some level of “corruption” in every organization, but it seems like excess money helps push it along.

At the very least, check it out first & for Heaven’s sake, don’t trust the BBB to provide you with that into. I love how certain business tout the BBB.....wonder why?????!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1111.

Preferred solution: Figure it out .

Better Business Bureau Cons: In bed with the companys screwing us.

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