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The Better Business Bureau, although they maintain a non-profit status are getting profit from somewhere. They rate the most inferior businesses, A+ in spite of bad reviews, litigations against the companies in court, complaints which are never posted.

They misrepresent business for some reason. This is not the first time this has happened to me. The contractor I hired had a stipulation in his contract that, "All conflicts are to be subject to arbitration by the Better Business Bureau". By the time he stopped working in order to delay the job and stating that he stopped for every reason except the truth and I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the contractor's answers were nothing but character assassinations which I answered.

Suddenly three days after I answered the Better Business Bureau sent me a message that "The case had been resolved by the contractor". When I called to question this a cold woman kept stating that I filed the complaint after their statute of limitations. In spite of costing me $71,000 for a job that had to be destructed and re-constructed, she kept referring me to 'small claims court'. This would mean that I would have had to file a complaint one year after signing the contract at a time when I had no idea that the contractor did not call for inspections, used materials not in the contract, materials against code, there was not an adequate pitch for a roof/deck, the beam installation would not support a roof/deck, he used inferior wood which was split, measured incorrectly and required shims, the beams were installed in the wrong direction, there was no pitch for a flat roof resulting in ponding, he created electrical fire hazards, well, the list goes on.

When I discovered these things I called for inspections, and informed the contractor (thinking he would make it right), he kept delaying beginning the job again until the statute of limitations according to the Better Business Bureau had expired. This contractor's rating will remain at A+ and I wonder how many times the BBB let him get away with this? The photos only represent a part of the inferior work done which will go without penalty unless I can afford a lawyer on top of the re-construction costs.

Constant leaking into new addition, ponding on the deck, water damage due to breaking my sump pumps discharge valves, wrong material between wrong roofing material melted into plywood which was not installed correctly, framing installed without filling nails and gaps between siding, wood posts not anchored and rotted, shims because wood split. It doesn't matter to the BBB.

Product or Service Mentioned: Better Business Bureau Review Listing.

Reason of review: If contract called for arbitration I want an arbitration.

Monetary Loss: $89000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Better Business Bureau Cons: Bbb statute of limitations makes complaint impossible.

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This sounds precisely how I was treated by the BBB. Initially, the BBB seemed to be onside.

They reduced the contractor's rating to C and approached him with questions. At first he did not respond, but after being advised his rating was reduced, he did respond with false allegations toward me.

After the BBB was advised that there was ongoing litigation regarding the contractor, they removed the complaint and restored the contractor's rating to A+. I will never rely on a BBB recommendation ever again and I advise anyone who will listen, to ignore their ratings.

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